Welcome to TRX Electronics

TRX Electronics is a family run manufacturing company producing transformers, looms and cable preparation, heat sinks and fans, and offering sub-contract assembly to the electronics industry.

Based in the industrial region of Paola, close to Malta International Airport and Free Port, we have excellent links to mainland Europe and the UK.


We are one of Malta's leading transformer manufacturers, supplying laminated and toroidal transformers up to 3KVA.

We have a large standard range of transformers, and can custom build to your requirements.

We specialise in audio transformers for valve amplifiers.

Heatsinks & Fans

We supply anodised aluminium heat sinks, to your specifications and cooling fans, suitable for low voltage DC or mains AC connection.

All our heatsinks are custom made so please send us your drawings and we will be pleased to quote you.

Cable Assemblies

We manufacture cable assemblies and looms, as well as supplying precut leads for all your requirements.

Sub Assembly

As well as manufacturing transformers and looms, we offer a sub assembly service, where we can fit these items into your equipment, or assemble components you supply.